Thursday, 24 November 2011

Beauty Tips- Gorgeous Hair

Want to look trendy and attractive? Wear gorgeous hair. Find important tips to keep you hair shining and healthy.

1) Food Habit:  It is the most important aspect for the health of the hair. Take green vegetables, fresh fruit and juice. Choose milk and fresh yoghurt in dairy products. Try bits of coconut in food preparation, in salad and meals. Make excuses for processed foods and canned items.

2) Stress: Stress is an antagonist of natural hair color and health. Welcome techniques for relaxation such as meditation or music therapy.

3) Natural Product: Avoid synthetically produced products and instead use natural or herbal products. Take shampoo at least three times a week. Use natural cleanser and conditioner. Use fresh lemon juice for extra glow of hair. Coconut oil is a positive alternative.

4) Oil Message: Massage warm oil at least 2-3 times a week. It helps maintain the moisture of the scalp. Use coconut oil or almond oil and use fingers for massaging on the scalp and at least one hour before the shampoo session. Scalp massage helps in relaxation and you get a good amount of sleep as well. People have gained potentially by massaging mustard oil for thickening of hair.

5) Brushing : Using comb on wet hair is strictly prohibited. Use long toothed combs to clear hair mix-up. It is better to use wood combs instead. Try deep conditioning treatment on hair once a week.

6) Scalp : You need to keep the scalp in an immaculate condition. Use circular motion during shampoo and massaging of the scalp. Healthy blood circulation generates the feeling of relaxation. Use tepid water for shampoo. Avoid blow drying of hair. If you need it for special hair styling, use it for a small time and with herbal moisturizer. Oily scalp retains dirt and dust. Use natural conditioner on hair tips. Use water based conditioner for weak hair. You can use vinegar and water application if the hair is too dry. Avoid tying up of hair tightly; it stretches the hair too much.

Contact the local beauty expert for excellent look of your hair.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Health Tips- Power Yoga

Are you suffering from any mental trouble? Are you gaining excessive weight? Are you affected by blood sugar? Have you been suffering from arthritis? Do you continuously suffer from digestive systems?

You can get relief from all these troubles if you practice Power yoga because it keeps you physically fit and mentally alert. It is the class of yoga, which is more intense and hence, you have to practice it continuously without any break. You need energy to comply with the requirement of the special type of yoga.

You have to synchronize the approach both physically and psychologically so that you do not feel tired of exercising the particular yoga. People who would like to be active take special interest in the highly energetic and lively form of yoga.  You can modify the method of performing pattern, which is the advantage in this form of yoga. The main aim is to keep the body fit, active and highly energetic. Daily practice of Power yoga keeps diseases at bay and is known to be more preventive than curative.

Practice Timings
You need to make an estimate that how much time is to be allotted from your daily routine for the yoga practice. Start with a small duration and gradually increase the extent of practicing of yoga by taking certain precautions.

1. Inform the instructor if you have any physical problem
2. Dress up in a loose pajama and vest
3. Do not try to hasten any process to reduce pain or weight loss. It is not possible.
4. Do not eat heavily before practice sessions. It is better to drink water before practicing.
5. Consult the trainer during menstruation period, in high blood pressure or in pregnancy or other uncomfortable conditions.
6. Start with the breathing exercise followed by meditation and relaxation.

a) Breathing Exercise {Prannayam}
b) Sun Salute {Surya Namaskar}
c) Yoga Posture {Bandhya}
d) Relaxation {Yoganidra}
e) Meditation {Yoga}

Consult a qualified yoga trainer before you take up Power yoga or write to us

Health Tips to Embrace Natural Lifestyle

We have come far away from the primitive lifestyle, which contained a natural rhythm in movements. If we need to regain the natural rhythm in movements for performing different arts of the body, we should think beyond the gym and take a few steps forward.Our body moves in a natural rhythm. It has to be a flawless movement without affecting the normal flavor.

There are several and specific acts, which are essential for healthy lifestyle such as:

1. Squatting,
2. Lunging,
3. Bending of the body or picking up an item from the floor,
4. Walking with weight,
5. Pushing a cart or a weight,
6. Dragging a cart or
7. Doing an act quickly.

Researchers have established that the primitive people were used to these seven acts, which were required to light a fire or taking part in religious prayers and so on. Since there were no roadways, people had the ability to lunge forward to cover long distances.

We have come a long way from the natural way of living. Absence of these abilities may result in various injuries that occur in modern life. The present lifestyle has limited the natural movement of human being and that is why related muscles do not get proper exercising. Many people go to the gym regularly, which provides exercising to certain specific muscles.  It improves the body display to attract onlookers undoubtedly, but the natural flavor of the body remains unknown. It is high time that we come out of the mechanized lifestyle if we need to enjoy the injury-free natural life.  Attending office ensures sitting for a pretty longtime impedes the natural rhythm of movements, which is a simple example of the drawback of the modern lifestyle.

Exercising is aimed to improve the programming of brain, which controls all the movement of body organs in a natural way. It is very easy to begin exercising to regain the natural rhythm of the body if you take up the following. .

1. Running and Crawling
2. Jumping
3. Push-up and pull-up
4. Wall squat
5. Crawling on the staircase
6. Climbing on a tree and so on.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Psoriasis - Skincare - The Natural Way

Psoriasis is a baffling skin condition, which irritates the patient. It happens with the multiplication of cells of the skin in a quick manner reaching the surface and causing raised and colored plagues that has white scales over it. The places that are susceptible to acne attack is the knee or the elbow or the scalp and can also be present on the body including palms and soles beneath the feet.

Common symptoms: Colored plaques on the skin with white scales. The patient suffers from itching, pain and it may turn into a bleeding ulcer at times.  There is discoloration of toenails and fingernails and crumbling of nails gradually. The scalp may be affected in the same way with bleeding ulcers.

Natural way of treatment of Psoriasis is helpful that varies from individual to individual with different treatment methods. There are several options, which have proved to be beneficial.

1) Water therapy - It is a conventional method of treating various skin disorders and is practiced in numerous health clinics and spas and holistic centers. Water with bath sea salt is the mixture that helps in the treatment of skin conditions. The cleansing property of the ingredient is accepted by dermatologists all over the world for detoxification of the body that ultimately clean skin disorders.

2) Food Habits - Taking healthy diet and alteration in the lifestyle is helpful in stressful conditions. Certain food ingredients help improve skin disorders, which differ from one constitution to another. It is wise to find out to find the right course of food for improving skin conditions.

3) Herbal Benefits - There are certain herbs that benefit in psoriasis treatment. The main concept is to get rid of toxic elements to cleanse the body system. It is better to consult the herbal pharmacist for the right herbal supplement for the specific skin condition. Herbal supplements containing mountain grape, milk thistle and other are generally preferred in psoriasis conditions, which however, should be discussed with the doctor to prevent any adverse interaction with the medicines that you take.

4)  Mental Attitude - You must be very strong mentally to avoid the onset of depression. The lesions of psoriasis may look very odd on fingers and other parts of the body, which can be cured with proper treatment and hence, there is no question of getting depressed with the onset of the disease.

5) OTC Products - There are plenty of natural moisturizers as over-the-counter products available in the local pharmacist, which may be useful on certain skin conditions. Aloe Vera, Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil and others are used as active ingredients in these preparations, which are truly valuable in the natural treatment of psoriasis.