Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fight Aging of the Skin with Facial Oil Cleansing Method

Renew your complexion with the help of natural oils and keep the skin flexible and young for a long time with the oil cleansing method. Natural oils help lubricate the skin and help retain the moisture on the skin to fight dry climatic conditions. You would get respite from the stressful conditions of the facial skin if you use naturally produced oils. You can fight problems of the aging of the skin or wrinkles or dryness of the skin, which is the result of loss of collagen and benefit immensely with the oil cleansing method.  You obtain a long-term development in difficult skin challenges.

People normally use soap to clean the face, which simultaneously eliminates beneficial oils also making the skin dry, insecure and susceptible to environmental hazards. Hence, you should prefer the oil cleansing method to take away excess oils and the deposition of waxy materials of the skin without disturbing the protective layer of natural oils. Natural oils are best suited to clean your skin because oils mix with oils. When you rub oils on your skin, it turns the skin softer and opens clogged skin pores to remove dirt and dead cells, which is the root cause of skin problems.

You can create the preferred combination of natural oils. Prepare facial cleansing oil by choosing oils from several natural oils such as from Sweet Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Olive, Grape Seed, and Apricot   and so on. Many people would like to include Castor oil, which may be tested for irritation before the preparation. You should always keep the presence of Castor oil below 10% of the entire mixture to avoid any kind of irritation and for achieving beneficial effect. You should avoid the use of Castor oil if the skin appears to be broken. You can use Sea Buckthorn Oil in a slight percentage to obtain the advantage of the healing properties of the oil. It is a costly ingredient and has a strong orange hue, which may color the skin orange and result in staining of garments if used in concentrated form. Certain essential oils like the carrot seed for the anti-aging and wrinkles, Helichrysum for positive properties in facial applications, Tea Tree for antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Rose, Lavender and so on, which  can be added to the oil cleansing formula.

Regular application of the facial cleansing oil is desired by gently massaging it on the skin. You have to use the concentrated form of the oil if the skin is dry, but for the general oily skin, you should dilute the formula with an equal portion of skin oil such as Olive or Apricot oil and so on. Apply the cleaning preparation over the face with the makeup and massage the oil to go into the skin, which takes a little bit of time of massaging. It also helps relax your muscles and tissues of the skin. It is an important skin care treatment and works beneficially for the stressful and aging skin. Rest awhile comfortably and relax profoundly. Keep a wet towel over the face and wipe off the excess oil delicately. Take a steam bath for your face, which helps open skin pores to vent out impurities and dirt to make it clean. The skin is able to breathe properly and glows fresh and young. Rinse the face well and if needed, apply a top quality natural moisturizer over the face to complete the facial oil cleansing method. Enjoy the vibrant glow of the soft and young skin forever.


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