Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips and Health Secrets

Care must be taken in the choice of skincare products that you use for your skin, which is the most vital part of your body. Whatever you apply has a direct effect on your skin. Hence, use natural skincare products instead of items with chemical ingredients, which are full of toxins and help age the delicate skin on long use.  

Skincare Tip - Step 1: The cosmetic industry is pouring in various kinds of products in the market to allure customers with exciting slogans. You have to be cautious in the selection of products, which is the primary step in avoiding the aging process of the skin.

Skincare Tip - Step 2: You have to accept the process of natural skincare. Products with a nominal presence of natural ingredients are practically full of harmful toxins due to the presence of chemicals in major quantity. Therefore, check ingredients of the product to ascertain the reality of the organic nature of the item. Natural components include olive oil, coconut oil or algae extracts, shea butter, green tea and so on, which you are able to recognize immediately. Synthetic ingredients and synthetic preservatives and fragrances must be avoided such as mineral oil and parabens, etc.  Choose a brand that contains organic ingredients or natural items.

Anti-Aging Diet - Step 3: Keep local vegetables and fruits in your diet and stay young. Avoid fast food at least five days in the week. Antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables help look the skin younger. Include banana and yoghurt in your plate every day. Ensure that you have a balanced diet.

Connect with Nature – Step 4: Take a walk every day. Walk a few steps barefoot on the lawn to connect with nature.

Yoga – Step 5: Give 15-20 minutes for meditation. It enhances concentration of the mind and saves you from the feeling of irritation, which is an important factor to look younger. Engage in yoga such as “Pranayam”, the breathing exercise.

Drink plenty of water. Think positive and enjoy smiling.


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