Monday, 4 March 2013

Beauty Secrets for All

The natural complexion of your skin is permanent.  You can play with make-up for the time being only. It is mandatory to understand the need and proper techniques of wearing the make-up.  You can present a more attractive personality.

Tips to reduce the oily look of the skin: Use a blotting tissue on the surface of the skin before you begin to wear the make-up. Sprinkle face powder lightly over the make-up. It looks dry for a long time.

Tips to conceal Double Chin: You can manage the double-chin with appropriate make-up. Identify your skin tone. Apply a comparatively darker shade foundation over the chin area. Mix it properly on the affected area. Cover the area with a translucent powder, which should have the identical shade of your skin. With practice you can bring amazing effect of the make –up for the double chin.

Drink plenty of water.

Smile naturally for beautiful life.

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