Thursday, 14 March 2013

Healthy Tips – Fight Obesity with Nutritional Strategies

Diet control is not magic. Do not expect to get a slim figure overnight and it is also not true that being slim means that you are absolutely fit. It is important to be healthy and that is why you need nutritional strategies.

You have to eat more if you want to lose weight. If you do not eat, the metabolic rate reduces abruptly and makes you feel tired and drenched or inactive.  Eating more does not mean that you go on eating a whole lot of junk food all the time. Instead, you must choose a balanced diet program.

Replace processed food with fresh food. It results in better health condition and improves fat burning mechanism. Include local vegetables and related items in your daily intake instead of imported items. Choose the food item that takes the shortest time to reach your plate. Maintain the strategy for at least five days in a week. You can enjoy the exotic food for the rest days.

Portion size is a vital component of the strategy. Avoid over-eating. Eat in piece and concentrate fully on the eating activity without interference like watching television or speaking to someone on the cell phone and so on. Keep away phones, remotes  from the dining table to have an uninterrupted session of eating. You have to understand the process of controlling the portion size to stay fit and healthy.

Plan your food intake in advance. Draw a diet chart. It depends on your profession, lifestyle, age, weight, gender, the location and so on. It should be clear that a diet chart is prepared  for one single individual only. Take advice of a specialist dietitian.

Child obesity is a problem for the entire world. Keep children away from excessive of junk food. Avoid presenting chocolates, cakes, pasties to children and contribute effectively to the cause of controlling child obesity.

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