Friday, 7 October 2011

Beauty Secrets to Reduce Striae

Striae or stretch marks occur due to breakage of collagen under the epidermis or a skin layer just beneath the outer skin. It is called birthmarks and is usually related to pregnancy and puberty. Hormones play a vital role in causing the effect on the skin. People with excess weight or obsessed individuals suffer from the condition of skin due to rapid development in body weight.  It starts with purple lines that turn into reddish tints and then fade with proper tropical applications. The affected areas are the arms, breasts, abdomen, hips, back, belly-button area, thighs and so on.

You find many branded creams and solutions that claim total removal of stretch marks, most of which provide results that are far from claims that they make. The laser therapy is the only possible solution in this respect, which is extremely expensive and cannot be recommended for the ordinary citizens. You must use the natural skin care therapy to take care of spots on the skin. You need to follow certain routines properly.

(1) Engage into a healthy diet plan. Refrain from drinking too much coffee and tea. Ensure that you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in meals. Maintain a regular supply of essential vitamins A, C and E through foods and nutrients to improve the quality of the skin to fight against the scars and blemishes.

(2) Home made solutions for the topical application made of olive oil, cocoa butter, lavender oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil, Aloe Vera and so on are useful elements to prepare a well-combined application. Consult natural beauty recipes for effective remedies to treat scars and blemishes on the skin that require proper attention.

You will be able to keep the skin soft, smooth and properly hydrated that helps make scars appear less noticeable.

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