Monday, 31 October 2011

Beauty Secrets - Maintenance of Colored Hair

Sporting a stylish hair is an asset to your personality and style. You have to know the right process of maintenance of colored hair, which is vital aspect in colored hair maintenance. Please be informed that “Water” happens to be the main barrier in the retention of hair color. Most colors fade due to water, which is a proven fact.  You need natural oil to keep the skin soft and smooth and so lipid is the important factor to keep hairs soft and smooth. Absence of lipid content in hair destroys the smoothness and shine of hair. When you wash your hair with water after the hair-color application, the color molecules too are washed away. Here, you must know how much water should be used to wash colored hair. Address the following points minutely regarding maintenance of hair color.

1. You should choose a hair color that resembles the natural color shade of your hair. It is risky to select a color that is just opposite to your natural hair color and especially the red color. Red color molecules are slightly bigger in size and are washed away with water easily. If you have original brown hair, you should not go for blond color shades because you need to bleach hair, which affects the root of hair follicles resulting in fading out of hair color.

2. Avoid staying longer under the running shower water with the shampoo and conditioner application on the freshly colored hair. It will wash out hair color totally.

3. Hot water destroys hair color. Use lukewarm water for hair wash. It will not destroy the hair color.

4. Use shampoo designed for hair color protection. It keeps the hair soft and protects the color as well.

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