Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fight Aging of the Skin with Facial Oil Cleansing Method

Renew your complexion with the help of natural oils and keep the skin flexible and young for a long time with the oil cleansing method. Natural oils help lubricate the skin and help retain the moisture on the skin to fight dry climatic conditions. You would get respite from the stressful conditions of the facial skin if you use naturally produced oils. You can fight problems of the aging of the skin or wrinkles or dryness of the skin, which is the result of loss of collagen and benefit immensely with the oil cleansing method.  You obtain a long-term development in difficult skin challenges.

People normally use soap to clean the face, which simultaneously eliminates beneficial oils also making the skin dry, insecure and susceptible to environmental hazards. Hence, you should prefer the oil cleansing method to take away excess oils and the deposition of waxy materials of the skin without disturbing the protective layer of natural oils. Natural oils are best suited to clean your skin because oils mix with oils. When you rub oils on your skin, it turns the skin softer and opens clogged skin pores to remove dirt and dead cells, which is the root cause of skin problems.

You can create the preferred combination of natural oils. Prepare facial cleansing oil by choosing oils from several natural oils such as from Sweet Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Olive, Grape Seed, and Apricot   and so on. Many people would like to include Castor oil, which may be tested for irritation before the preparation. You should always keep the presence of Castor oil below 10% of the entire mixture to avoid any kind of irritation and for achieving beneficial effect. You should avoid the use of Castor oil if the skin appears to be broken. You can use Sea Buckthorn Oil in a slight percentage to obtain the advantage of the healing properties of the oil. It is a costly ingredient and has a strong orange hue, which may color the skin orange and result in staining of garments if used in concentrated form. Certain essential oils like the carrot seed for the anti-aging and wrinkles, Helichrysum for positive properties in facial applications, Tea Tree for antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Rose, Lavender and so on, which  can be added to the oil cleansing formula.

Regular application of the facial cleansing oil is desired by gently massaging it on the skin. You have to use the concentrated form of the oil if the skin is dry, but for the general oily skin, you should dilute the formula with an equal portion of skin oil such as Olive or Apricot oil and so on. Apply the cleaning preparation over the face with the makeup and massage the oil to go into the skin, which takes a little bit of time of massaging. It also helps relax your muscles and tissues of the skin. It is an important skin care treatment and works beneficially for the stressful and aging skin. Rest awhile comfortably and relax profoundly. Keep a wet towel over the face and wipe off the excess oil delicately. Take a steam bath for your face, which helps open skin pores to vent out impurities and dirt to make it clean. The skin is able to breathe properly and glows fresh and young. Rinse the face well and if needed, apply a top quality natural moisturizer over the face to complete the facial oil cleansing method. Enjoy the vibrant glow of the soft and young skin forever.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Skin Care Treatment - Oil Cleansing of the Skin

The skin performs natural oil cleansing with its own oil or sebum, which also helps the skin function in the natural way. The natural oily substance of the skin keeps the skin lubricated all the time, protecting, healing and moisturizing your skin. The skin becomes beautiful and glows naturally. You must understand how the skin functions naturally, which would help immensely for displaying the natural beauty of your skin.

You may be using cosmetics and allied products for makeup, but would not know that most of them contain harmful chemicals, alcohol and other ingredients, which offer greasy and sticky feeling to the skin. These products resist the natural functioning of your skin and deprive the skin of its natural oils. Overtime, you may lose the suppleness and young look of the skin.  You must, therefore, understand the need of oil cleansing of the skin so that you can retrieve the condition of the skin to work naturally and display the  original and beautiful glow of the young skin.

Oil cleansing method is there since centuries for moisturizing and cleansing of the skin with the active contribution of natural oils for nourishing the skin with vital requirements. It should be done daily  in the beginning stage  and then  once a week program along with steam facial to retain the natural grandeur of the skin. It is a very simple process. Take the combination of organic oils and massage over your face and all over the body. Wait for 5-10 minutes and take a hot shower and wipe off the oil from the skin by rubbing and massaging. Pat your skin dry to feel soft and smooth  to receive a perfectly moisturized skin for the entire day. It normally works for everyone and with every skin type, but you should pick up the right oils for your type of the skin.

You should be able to choose the combination of natural oils and essential oils to suit your skin type and your mood. For instance, you can make a combination of Olive oil, Castor oil and Borage seed oil with Jasmine oil for creating a feeling of relaxed mood if you are passing through stressful times and so on. You should find the right combination through trial and error method so that you are able to identify the right combination for the oil cleansing session to keep the skin nourished and glowing.

In my next post, I will discuss varieties of natural oils that you can use in the oil cleansing method. Take care of your skin and enjoy good health.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Skin Care Treatment – Oil Cleansing with Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular natural ingredient for topical application over and above the benefits obtained when used as a cooking medium. Extra virgin grade of olive oil is a potent moisturizer for the skin, which has been used over generations in Italy, Greece and Spain as a regular skin care treatment. It is used to get rid of black heads and is considered a miracle ingredient in this respect. If you need of a face with unblemished skin, you must use olive oil in the oil cleansing method for proper cleaning and moisturizing of the skin of the face. It is used along with suitable carrier oils such as castor oil or other essential oils to complete the activity. Olive oil possesses healing properties for the skin and helps regenerate skin cells and thereby softens tissues of the skin so that your skin becomes soft, supple and young.

You can perform the oil cleaning and moisturizing of the face with a blend of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil in the ratio of 4:1. You have to incorporate individual preferences and the characteristics of the skin to get the best results. You can use jojoba oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and so on depending on the skin type and blend with olive oil to do the beauty treatment, the oil cleansing of your skin. Take the blended mixture in your palm and rub both palms against one another to give it some temperature and apply the oil on your face for nearly 2 minutes. Put a damp and warm cloth over your face for some time to cool it normally. Wipe off the extra oil off your face by rubbing delicately. Use a few drops of extra virgin olive oil for moisturizing the face after you have finished cleansing totally. 

You get a very good response when you do it  regularly. Notice the development of the skin characteristics within a week. You find that blackheads begin to disappear after a fortnight of the massage of olive oil through the oil cleansing method. Your skin would gain a rosy glow and appears extremely gorgeous. Continue the therapy for improved skin quality.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Honey – Prime Moisturizer of the Nature

You must prefer the natural moisturizer for the delicate skin over inorganic products. It would be possible to avoid harmful chemical ingredients affecting the skin negatively and at the same time gain in enhancement of natural glow of the skin. Your face fewer problems with the skin such as irritation and so on. You would be free from adverse skin reactions if you incorporate natural moisturizers in your daily use. They are environment-friendly and are available locally. Find out products that contain natural moisturizing ingredients and be safe from the harsh effects of synthetic items and chemicals that make the skin really bad.

Honey is the prime moisturizer of the nature and provides the glow of the skin. Check out on honey based products and treatments to enjoy the power of the nature in beautification. Get the radiant skin with generous skin beauty recipes.

For dry skin, take 1 tbsp honey and ½ tbsp milk and mix them to make a paste. Apply on the face with a soft brush and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat the activity twice a week. You get the desired result. Likewise, you can prepare the application for the body with 2 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp oatmeal and 2 tbsp honey in a pot and make it a smooth paste. Apply it all over the body and retain it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Honey has the property of natural humectant and keeps the skin moisturized in all conditions. Over and above, it has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and help in would heal. It should always be diluted for application on the skin to get all benefits for the dry skin.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Beauty secrets and tips

Falling Hair Problem-

You may experience the complaint of falling hair during the diet plan. You should know certain important fallback of the dieting program and one of which is malnutrition contributing to the cause of the falling hair problem. First, you should visit a doctor and begin to take vitamins and minerals to supplement the body requirement. Ensure that you get enough protein in your diet. Incorporate lintels, beans, yoghurt, cheese, fish, and eggs in your principal meals for the protein needs of your body system. You can also take advice of a specialist dietitian regarding the diet program. Stress is another vital factor for the falling hair problem. Use coconut oil at least twice in a week. Massage lightly on the scalp with two fingers creating a circular movement. You would definitely recognize an improvement in the condition of falling hair.

Excessive Facial Hair Problem-

You are extremely perturbed with the problem of excessive facial hair. You have not found any irregularity in the hormonal balance after you have undergone a proper hormone test. You can take help of simple home remedies to get out of the problem before you go to a specialist surgeon for removal of facial hair. Prepare a paste with sugar, fresh lemon juice and water. Apply the paste on the affected areas and leave it for some time. When the paste dries up, wash your face with plain water thoroughly. Repeat the process once or twice in every week. Prepare a face pack with milk and turmeric powder. Apply the face pack on the particular areas with light circular movement with the help of two fingers. It reduces the growth rate of hair considerably, but leaves a yellowish tint on the skin due to turmeric.
Women are susceptible to the problem of excessive hair growth on the face as a result of side effects of certain drugs and medicines. Hence, you should consult a specialist dermatologist or the doctor in this regard.

Healthy Tips – Fight Obesity with Nutritional Strategies

Diet control is not magic. Do not expect to get a slim figure overnight and it is also not true that being slim means that you are absolutely fit. It is important to be healthy and that is why you need nutritional strategies.

You have to eat more if you want to lose weight. If you do not eat, the metabolic rate reduces abruptly and makes you feel tired and drenched or inactive.  Eating more does not mean that you go on eating a whole lot of junk food all the time. Instead, you must choose a balanced diet program.

Replace processed food with fresh food. It results in better health condition and improves fat burning mechanism. Include local vegetables and related items in your daily intake instead of imported items. Choose the food item that takes the shortest time to reach your plate. Maintain the strategy for at least five days in a week. You can enjoy the exotic food for the rest days.

Portion size is a vital component of the strategy. Avoid over-eating. Eat in piece and concentrate fully on the eating activity without interference like watching television or speaking to someone on the cell phone and so on. Keep away phones, remotes  from the dining table to have an uninterrupted session of eating. You have to understand the process of controlling the portion size to stay fit and healthy.

Plan your food intake in advance. Draw a diet chart. It depends on your profession, lifestyle, age, weight, gender, the location and so on. It should be clear that a diet chart is prepared  for one single individual only. Take advice of a specialist dietitian.

Child obesity is a problem for the entire world. Keep children away from excessive of junk food. Avoid presenting chocolates, cakes, pasties to children and contribute effectively to the cause of controlling child obesity.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty Secrets and Tips- Hair Care for Shining Hair

Discover great tips on beauty for women on hair washing and brushing to ensure adequate protection against falling hair and also for bringing back the glow of young hair. Here are some beauty secrets tips.

Take hair spa regularly. You may experience different problems in getting back the shine and flowing suppleness of the hair despite using various products including natural hair nourishment items. Be informed that “Washing and Brushing” of your hair is the most important step, which you should do with utmost care. Understand the right procedures.


Do not use hot water directly for hair washing. It makes the hair brittle and turns the scalp dry. Use cold water and mix hot water to make a suitable temperature for rinsing the hair before shampooing. Use the shampoo on wet hair only. Choose a shampoo that suits the hair type and texture to have beneficial effect. Take the shampoo on palms of both hands and massage the scalp thoroughly for 5-7 minutes. Run your fingers through the hair to reach hair roots. Wash your hair to make it bubble-free. Ensure that there is no deposit of shampoo left on the scalp. If you feel, you can repeat the process. Soak dry the hair with a towel by pressing the towel on the hair. Apply a conditioner on the wet hair and ensure that every strand of hair is reached. Wash your hair after 5-10 minutes with cold water. The hair achieves extra shine automatically.  It is better to use towel instead of a blow drier so that you get dry hair normally. If you rub hair excessively for drying, you may lose some hair as well. You can take the help of a standing fan for drying of hair. Use a live-in conditioner for curly or unmanageable hair.


If you have the thick type of hair, use a spray-in conditioner on hair. Divide the hair in 2 or 3 parts before combing. Take one part at a time for combing before going for another. Start untangling the hair from hair ends with the help of combs. Use the hair brush for turning your hair smooth, flowing and stylish. Brushing of hair should be done from the hair-end by holding a lock of hair by one hand. Do it from sides followed by rear and finally on front. The  longer the hair, the more time it takes in brushing. Hence, give adequate time in hair brushing so that you do not lose extra hair. 

Secret Beauty Tips

If you have the problem of dry hair or scalp, massage olive oil or coconut oil on the scalp regularly before the shower. Wear a shower cap while you take the shower. The hair gets moisturized automatically, which helps hair look glowing and shining.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Natural Beauty Tips for Women

You should be very much concerned to maintain your normal self to present beautifully in the society, which requires a little bit of attention. There are many ordinary activities that you do every day, which can be modified to help you look naturally beautiful. You have to incorporate certain simple functions, which can be considered useful, but natural beauty tips.  

1. Buy skin care items based on natural ingredients and avoid products with alcohol, which makes the skin look dull. If you have oil skin, search for an item with cinnamon, which helps get rid of excess oil due to the astringent quality.

2. Include cashew in your food plan as it contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc with folic acid and vitamin E, an essential antioxidant responsible for improving the condition of the skin to bring healthier glow. It is known as a great skin-health food.

3. If you suffer from the problem of toenail fungus or dry feet and tired feet and such things, soak your feet in lukewarm water with a few tablespoonfuls of vinegar and preferably the apple cider.

4. Avoid everyday shampoo. Give a few days off to shampooing and find a great effect, the glistening effect. Regular shampoo results in dried scalp and dull hair without any glow.

5. Checkup the make-up cupboard in your bathroom regularly and discard old materials, which should be done at least once in a year. You should keep only fresh products for your make-up, which is safe for your lovely skin.

6. Achieve great skin with regular exfoliation. It offers smoother and younger looking skin. You are able to remove the dead and dull layer of the skin on a regular basis for fresh cell growth, which helps you look fresh and younger.
7. Give importance to skin cleansing as great beauty tips. Use cucumber with milk as a natural cleanser to get a natural and glowing skin.  

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips and Health Secrets

Care must be taken in the choice of skincare products that you use for your skin, which is the most vital part of your body. Whatever you apply has a direct effect on your skin. Hence, use natural skincare products instead of items with chemical ingredients, which are full of toxins and help age the delicate skin on long use.  

Skincare Tip - Step 1: The cosmetic industry is pouring in various kinds of products in the market to allure customers with exciting slogans. You have to be cautious in the selection of products, which is the primary step in avoiding the aging process of the skin.

Skincare Tip - Step 2: You have to accept the process of natural skincare. Products with a nominal presence of natural ingredients are practically full of harmful toxins due to the presence of chemicals in major quantity. Therefore, check ingredients of the product to ascertain the reality of the organic nature of the item. Natural components include olive oil, coconut oil or algae extracts, shea butter, green tea and so on, which you are able to recognize immediately. Synthetic ingredients and synthetic preservatives and fragrances must be avoided such as mineral oil and parabens, etc.  Choose a brand that contains organic ingredients or natural items.

Anti-Aging Diet - Step 3: Keep local vegetables and fruits in your diet and stay young. Avoid fast food at least five days in the week. Antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables help look the skin younger. Include banana and yoghurt in your plate every day. Ensure that you have a balanced diet.

Connect with Nature – Step 4: Take a walk every day. Walk a few steps barefoot on the lawn to connect with nature.

Yoga – Step 5: Give 15-20 minutes for meditation. It enhances concentration of the mind and saves you from the feeling of irritation, which is an important factor to look younger. Engage in yoga such as “Pranayam”, the breathing exercise.

Drink plenty of water. Think positive and enjoy smiling.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Beauty Secrets for All

The natural complexion of your skin is permanent.  You can play with make-up for the time being only. It is mandatory to understand the need and proper techniques of wearing the make-up.  You can present a more attractive personality.

Tips to reduce the oily look of the skin: Use a blotting tissue on the surface of the skin before you begin to wear the make-up. Sprinkle face powder lightly over the make-up. It looks dry for a long time.

Tips to conceal Double Chin: You can manage the double-chin with appropriate make-up. Identify your skin tone. Apply a comparatively darker shade foundation over the chin area. Mix it properly on the affected area. Cover the area with a translucent powder, which should have the identical shade of your skin. With practice you can bring amazing effect of the make –up for the double chin.

Drink plenty of water.

Smile naturally for beautiful life.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Skin Beauty Tips – Oil Cleansing for Skincare

The skin of you face may sometimes look tired and drawn. You need natural skin care to get back the original glowing skin. Oil cleansing with natural oil is a great way to get the refreshing feeling where the skin gets the proper nourishment that it needs. The vegetable oil helps clean skin pores so that skin beneath is able to breathe and at the same time gets the nourishment as the natural oil is rich in vital elements. You can make a home-made recipe by blending any two or three of the oil varieties mentioned below or you can choose a single variety as well. Use essential oils such as lavender oil or lemon grass oil to enjoy the sweet fragrance as well. Apply the skincare oil preparation on the face with a light massage and leave it for 15-20 minutes before you take the steam wash. When the skin reaches room temperature, wash your face by sprinkling plain water. Pat dry the skin with a smooth towel and you feel fresh and lively. The procedure should be taken two times in a day including once before going to bed. Apply an overnight cream after the cleansing.

Almond Oil – It is rich in vitamins and is considered an important factor in skincare needs including the anti-aging quality to make the skin look young and vibrant. 
Argan Oil - Originally from Morocco, the product is a potent moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and delicate with properties of Vitamin E.
Jojoba Oil – It is an effective ingredient for the oily skin and helps retain the shine of the skin.
Grapeseed Oil – It helps protect the skin from blemishes and aging factors owing to antioxidants present in the oil. It also helps retain the moisture of the skin.
Coconut Oil-  It helps tone the skin  and fights wrinkles. It is a top class nutrient for hair and rejuvenates tissues of the scalp to offer shiny and radiant hair.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Skin Beauty Tips - Homemade Fruit Pack

The skin tends to lose natural brightness when the atmosphere turns dry. You should avoid soap for the dry skin. Instead, use the cleansing cream preferably of the gel form. Use rose water on the face after every shower with the help of cotton pads. You can apply any SPF enriched sun screen lotion on exposed portion of your body including the neck. If you want to remain inside, use a good quality moisturizer, which helps diminish the dryness of your skin.

Try homemade remedies to avoid the dryness of the skin. Make a combination pack of honey, fresh cream and egg yolk for everyday use. Apply the pack over the face avoiding the adjacent area of eyes and keep it for 15 minutes before washing it off with water. In the night, use a cleanser for cleaning the face of the dirt and dust of the entire day and massage the surface with a nourishing cream.  You should take off the cream with a wet cotton ball. Alternatively, make a fruit pack in your home. Make fine slices of apples and ripe papaya and banana. Put together all ingredients and make a paste by adding normal yoghurt. Apply the paste all over the face and around the neck and let it remain there for 15 minute before cleaning it off with cold water. 

Enjoy the splendor of beautiful skin and sleep well.