Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Skin Care Treatment – Oil Cleansing with Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular natural ingredient for topical application over and above the benefits obtained when used as a cooking medium. Extra virgin grade of olive oil is a potent moisturizer for the skin, which has been used over generations in Italy, Greece and Spain as a regular skin care treatment. It is used to get rid of black heads and is considered a miracle ingredient in this respect. If you need of a face with unblemished skin, you must use olive oil in the oil cleansing method for proper cleaning and moisturizing of the skin of the face. It is used along with suitable carrier oils such as castor oil or other essential oils to complete the activity. Olive oil possesses healing properties for the skin and helps regenerate skin cells and thereby softens tissues of the skin so that your skin becomes soft, supple and young.

You can perform the oil cleaning and moisturizing of the face with a blend of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil in the ratio of 4:1. You have to incorporate individual preferences and the characteristics of the skin to get the best results. You can use jojoba oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and so on depending on the skin type and blend with olive oil to do the beauty treatment, the oil cleansing of your skin. Take the blended mixture in your palm and rub both palms against one another to give it some temperature and apply the oil on your face for nearly 2 minutes. Put a damp and warm cloth over your face for some time to cool it normally. Wipe off the extra oil off your face by rubbing delicately. Use a few drops of extra virgin olive oil for moisturizing the face after you have finished cleansing totally. 

You get a very good response when you do it  regularly. Notice the development of the skin characteristics within a week. You find that blackheads begin to disappear after a fortnight of the massage of olive oil through the oil cleansing method. Your skin would gain a rosy glow and appears extremely gorgeous. Continue the therapy for improved skin quality.

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