Friday, 1 March 2013

Skin Beauty Tips - Homemade Fruit Pack

The skin tends to lose natural brightness when the atmosphere turns dry. You should avoid soap for the dry skin. Instead, use the cleansing cream preferably of the gel form. Use rose water on the face after every shower with the help of cotton pads. You can apply any SPF enriched sun screen lotion on exposed portion of your body including the neck. If you want to remain inside, use a good quality moisturizer, which helps diminish the dryness of your skin.

Try homemade remedies to avoid the dryness of the skin. Make a combination pack of honey, fresh cream and egg yolk for everyday use. Apply the pack over the face avoiding the adjacent area of eyes and keep it for 15 minutes before washing it off with water. In the night, use a cleanser for cleaning the face of the dirt and dust of the entire day and massage the surface with a nourishing cream.  You should take off the cream with a wet cotton ball. Alternatively, make a fruit pack in your home. Make fine slices of apples and ripe papaya and banana. Put together all ingredients and make a paste by adding normal yoghurt. Apply the paste all over the face and around the neck and let it remain there for 15 minute before cleaning it off with cold water. 

Enjoy the splendor of beautiful skin and sleep well.

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