Monday, 11 March 2013

Beauty Secrets and Tips- Hair Care for Shining Hair

Discover great tips on beauty for women on hair washing and brushing to ensure adequate protection against falling hair and also for bringing back the glow of young hair. Here are some beauty secrets tips.

Take hair spa regularly. You may experience different problems in getting back the shine and flowing suppleness of the hair despite using various products including natural hair nourishment items. Be informed that “Washing and Brushing” of your hair is the most important step, which you should do with utmost care. Understand the right procedures.


Do not use hot water directly for hair washing. It makes the hair brittle and turns the scalp dry. Use cold water and mix hot water to make a suitable temperature for rinsing the hair before shampooing. Use the shampoo on wet hair only. Choose a shampoo that suits the hair type and texture to have beneficial effect. Take the shampoo on palms of both hands and massage the scalp thoroughly for 5-7 minutes. Run your fingers through the hair to reach hair roots. Wash your hair to make it bubble-free. Ensure that there is no deposit of shampoo left on the scalp. If you feel, you can repeat the process. Soak dry the hair with a towel by pressing the towel on the hair. Apply a conditioner on the wet hair and ensure that every strand of hair is reached. Wash your hair after 5-10 minutes with cold water. The hair achieves extra shine automatically.  It is better to use towel instead of a blow drier so that you get dry hair normally. If you rub hair excessively for drying, you may lose some hair as well. You can take the help of a standing fan for drying of hair. Use a live-in conditioner for curly or unmanageable hair.


If you have the thick type of hair, use a spray-in conditioner on hair. Divide the hair in 2 or 3 parts before combing. Take one part at a time for combing before going for another. Start untangling the hair from hair ends with the help of combs. Use the hair brush for turning your hair smooth, flowing and stylish. Brushing of hair should be done from the hair-end by holding a lock of hair by one hand. Do it from sides followed by rear and finally on front. The  longer the hair, the more time it takes in brushing. Hence, give adequate time in hair brushing so that you do not lose extra hair. 

Secret Beauty Tips

If you have the problem of dry hair or scalp, massage olive oil or coconut oil on the scalp regularly before the shower. Wear a shower cap while you take the shower. The hair gets moisturized automatically, which helps hair look glowing and shining.

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