Thursday, 28 February 2013

Beauty Tips for Women – For Shiny and Bouncy Hair

Are you looking for beauty tips for shiny hair? You may need it when there is a party this evening and you intend to wear a fantastic look to make outstanding impression on friends. Here is the secret of the Hair Beauty Mask.

Massage the scalp with olive oil and coconut oil before taking the shower especially if your hair is dry-type. Wear a shower cap and take the shower under lukewarm water. Avoid absolutely cold water. The hair gets properly moisturized naturally.

Prepare the hair boosting mask with the combination of a small banana, 2 tablespoonful honey and a few drops of almond oil or extract. Apply the paste on the wet hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your hair completely. Find the desired shining and bouncy hair.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty Tips for Women – Nail Color

Nail color is an essential accessory in everyday routine of the modern women. Stylish women are always looking for awesome brands to keep pace with the contemporary fashion trend. There are some nail color brands, which have proved to be on the first line of choice due to quality and looks. Beauty tips for women present worthy nail color brands for your consideration.

China Glaze : You get the brand I three specific collections, “Tranzitions, Glitz N’ Pieces, Avant garden”. You get a choice of color and shades to suit your mood and outfit.

Zoya : Make your choice from more than 300 varieties of toxin-free colors @ USD 8 per piece from online stores. You also get free shipping, which is an additional advantage.

Sally Hansen: It may be your favorite because it is the trend setter brand in the category, which offers good looks and proper care of your nails. Prices are just affordable from USD 5 to USD 9 per piece for items with salon effects. 

Essie :  It is America’s nail salon expert since 1981.  Find the color for every mood and occasion with a wide range of shades in nail polish and color. You get the right solution in style with the brand.

OPI :  Enjoy rich color from the world leader in professional nail care in an affordable price tag. You also get classic nail essentials for natural nails.

Enjoy great style.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beauty Tips- Balanced Diet Concept for the Teenager

Beauty conscious teenagers always feel the tendency to put on extra weight. It results in diet plan, but without any measurement. The total effect is not positive and the individual does not become satisfied. 

You need a perfect diet solution.  Teenagers are very busy with studies and extracurricular activities. You need a lot of energy, which comes from the daily food intake. If you do not ensure a proper diet solution, you feel tired and cannot perform properly. You need carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, minerals and fat in a balanced form to keep you fit and healthy. 

You need plenty of water and fluid every day. Start the morning with a glass of milk. Include fruits, whole wheat bread and eggs in the breakfast. Prepare the lunch with fresh vegetables, salad, pasta, chicken and so on.  Take early dinner with nutritious food items rich in carbohydrate and proteins.  

Stay away from junk food, which is the first step to avoid obesity. Take up regular exercising under the supervision of an expert. Avoid late-night parties as a rule, which is badly acknowledged by the body.  Create a feel-good attitude about personal health, which helps make the fitness plan successful. Engage in free-hand exercise or yoga, which helps increase flexibility of the body.