Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to Choose the Correct Shampoo for Your Hair?

There are four basic categories in this approach that are mentioned here.

(1) For oily hair, use a plain shampoo. The best way to identify a plain shampoo is through the texture of the liquid, which should be transparent. Don’t use the thick- blended shampoo that looks like a creamy solution. The plain shampoo will definitely take out the dirt from the hair. Normally, the oily hair loses it’s lively look after a shampoo wash and hence, you should mix a pinch of baking powder with the shampoo to retain the loveliness.

(2) For dry hair, don’t use a clear shampoo that doesn’t have adequate moisturizing content in it. Prefer a shampoo that contains Omega 3 as a moisturizing element. Check the label of the shampoo to ensure the presence.

(3) For normal hair, use the shampoo that has mild detergent effect. It points to a herbal shampoo that holds the moisture of the hair. There will not be any possible complaint of rash or itching sensation on the scalp.

(4) For curly hair, a moisturizing shampoo is a perfect choice. Apply olive oil or caster oil on hair at least twice a week before retiring to bed. It should be followed by the shampoo in the next morning. It supports the process to hold moisture of the hair perfectly. You can use a special conditioner recommended for curls.


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