Sunday, 9 October 2011

Role of Aerobic Exercising in Blood pressure Control

Obesity, food habit, sedentary lifestyle, excess alcohol intake and various other activities may result into shooting up of blood pressure. You have to take up the matter seriously and follow a well-organized routine by adjusting the food habit and exercising properly. It will be a sure step to control high blood pressure over and above the medication that you receive every day.

It has been observed that the sedentary lifestyle alone has contributed to cases of hypertension more than the people that go out every day doing normal chores and work. If you have the complaint of high blood pressure, you need to control the food intake and take up adequate exercising to control the possibility of grave situations. Visit your doctor regularly and follow the recommended medicines that are prescribed for the purpose.

Transform your lifestyle purposefully. Stop consuming high protein, high fat dishes and control the intake of salty food, salt, cigarette, coffee, junk food and alcohol. Take the advice of the healthcare professional for proper weight control measures. You will look fit and healthy in a very short time.

Aerobic exercising help control the increase in blood pressure. It supplies increased oxygen need to the heart, lungs and blood vessels. The entire cardiovascular system receives adequate amount of oxygen, which helps control blood pressure. You can also take up the following aerobic exercising plans to get the advantage in high blood pressure. Some simple aerobic exercises are,

(A) Walking
(B) Jogging
(C) Cycling
(D) Swimming
(E) Pranayam or the exercise of breathing

Consult your doctor before you start any exercising session or make a plan for it.

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