Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to Reduce the Tired Look of the Skin?

The contemporary lifestyle has no scope for rest or relaxation, which appears on the face of busy individuals. The day begins with a series of phone calls and gradually includes many meetings in the office or shopping in malls, meeting friends in parties and clubs until the individual is completely worn out and eventually seeks rest.  All these activities in the modern day busy life constitute a grueling effect on your tender skin, which looks and feels tired and bogged down. It shows on your face, which you need to uplift immediately by taking suitable steps in the matter. You have to follow certain rules and regulations to obtain a lively appearance to complement the status in the society.

1. Massage is a great idea for a tension-free feeling of the body. It provides complete relaxation to muscles and tissues of the body. Engage in a massage session of body including a facial massage for total relaxation. Don’t ever forget the foot massage to release stress of the feet. Massage helps release toxins of the body and turns you fit and agile. Take a bath in tepid water after a massage session. Prepare the bath water by adding lavender skin tonic or rose water to obtain the advantage of aromatherapy.

2. Use a mild moisturizer after the bath to regain the softness of the skin, which is now properly hydrated. Apply the moisturizer very gently all over the skin surface. Use the home-made body massage oil by combining carrier oil, olive oil, lavender oil or rose oil.

Give a treatment to palms with a home-made paste of 2 tsf sunflower oil, 1 tsf fresh lemon juice and 2 tsf table sugar. Rub the paste between palms for 10-15 minutes and wash out the paste with water. You feel the palms totally relaxed.

3. Hair care is essential in reducing overall tension of the boy.  Ensure that you are totally relaxed and feel calm without an iota of tension to look attractive.

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