Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beauty Tips- Balanced Diet Concept for the Teenager

Beauty conscious teenagers always feel the tendency to put on extra weight. It results in diet plan, but without any measurement. The total effect is not positive and the individual does not become satisfied. 

You need a perfect diet solution.  Teenagers are very busy with studies and extracurricular activities. You need a lot of energy, which comes from the daily food intake. If you do not ensure a proper diet solution, you feel tired and cannot perform properly. You need carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, minerals and fat in a balanced form to keep you fit and healthy. 

You need plenty of water and fluid every day. Start the morning with a glass of milk. Include fruits, whole wheat bread and eggs in the breakfast. Prepare the lunch with fresh vegetables, salad, pasta, chicken and so on.  Take early dinner with nutritious food items rich in carbohydrate and proteins.  

Stay away from junk food, which is the first step to avoid obesity. Take up regular exercising under the supervision of an expert. Avoid late-night parties as a rule, which is badly acknowledged by the body.  Create a feel-good attitude about personal health, which helps make the fitness plan successful. Engage in free-hand exercise or yoga, which helps increase flexibility of the body.

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