Saturday, 2 March 2013

Skin Beauty Tips – Oil Cleansing for Skincare

The skin of you face may sometimes look tired and drawn. You need natural skin care to get back the original glowing skin. Oil cleansing with natural oil is a great way to get the refreshing feeling where the skin gets the proper nourishment that it needs. The vegetable oil helps clean skin pores so that skin beneath is able to breathe and at the same time gets the nourishment as the natural oil is rich in vital elements. You can make a home-made recipe by blending any two or three of the oil varieties mentioned below or you can choose a single variety as well. Use essential oils such as lavender oil or lemon grass oil to enjoy the sweet fragrance as well. Apply the skincare oil preparation on the face with a light massage and leave it for 15-20 minutes before you take the steam wash. When the skin reaches room temperature, wash your face by sprinkling plain water. Pat dry the skin with a smooth towel and you feel fresh and lively. The procedure should be taken two times in a day including once before going to bed. Apply an overnight cream after the cleansing.

Almond Oil – It is rich in vitamins and is considered an important factor in skincare needs including the anti-aging quality to make the skin look young and vibrant. 
Argan Oil - Originally from Morocco, the product is a potent moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and delicate with properties of Vitamin E.
Jojoba Oil – It is an effective ingredient for the oily skin and helps retain the shine of the skin.
Grapeseed Oil – It helps protect the skin from blemishes and aging factors owing to antioxidants present in the oil. It also helps retain the moisture of the skin.
Coconut Oil-  It helps tone the skin  and fights wrinkles. It is a top class nutrient for hair and rejuvenates tissues of the scalp to offer shiny and radiant hair.

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