Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Secrets of Beautiful Skin that Glows

The beautiful skin is the indicator of attractiveness and youth. If you want to enjoy the glamour of the young skin, you need to take up certain primary duties.

Plenty of sleep,

Healthy eating habits,

Drink of water abundantly &

Make the life stress-free.

 You need to maintain the skin of the face and the whole body including limbs, which are visible and contribute to a great appearance.

1. Instead of using the ice cube blatantly on the face as the first thing in the morning, you should take certain precaution because it can prove to be harmful for the sensitive skin. Use a cotton ball to wipe the face with fresh cucumber juice with cold yoghurt or milk. You can wash your face with cold water to look it glowing soft and fresh.

2. Use the natural exfoliation properties of everyday coffee for your hands, which helps remove dead and dry skin cells from the skin and helps grow renewed cells naturally so that there is a healthy look of the skin with glowing assets. Make the preparation with coffee grounds in olive oil or any other natural oil and use the mixture on the surface of the skin as massage. Use lukewarm water to rinse hands, which become tender and soft. You can avail the massage of hands at least twice every week to retain the softness and the tender look of your hands.

3. Use a natural body scrub. Take ordinary coffee grounds and mix it with one tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Use the scrub during the bath applying a circular motion especially on the skin surface that is dry. You would find the effect immediately, which is very soft and tender.

You have to create a positive atmosphere around you to retain the health of the skin. It includes your eating habit, exercising plan, the environmental condition and the amount of stress that you have to undertake. All these elements contribute to the ageing factor of the skin and you need to take suitable steps to retain the healthy condition of the skin. You must take care of free radicals that are responsible for the damage of the skin during oxidation. The excessive heat of the atmosphere, smoking, pollution in the air, shabby diet helps hasten the creation of free radicals in the body. 

The body mechanism produces antioxidants, which are capable of washing off free radicals before they cause serious damage to the body system. Taking healthy diet enhances the production of antioxidants enabling the system to clean free radicals and thereby literally save the skin. Give proper attention to the nutrition of the skin. Include fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your diet and get wrinkle-free skin.  Get the glamour of the beautiful skin with nutritious diet and enjoy life gracefully.

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